We got a quarantine puppy!

Well, actually we got our dog, Jasper, a puppy, lol. Jasper is our mini poodle mix, and he's a rambunctious little one year old. He kept trying to get our poor old chi mix, Brenna, to play with him, but she's almost 15 and she wasn't having any of it. The cats didn't want to … Continue reading We got a quarantine puppy!

Birdwatching – the perfect quarantine hobby

This post contains affiliate links - see full disclaimer My love of birds began many years ago. There was a time when I wanted to be an ornithologist! I was fascinated by pet birds, and wanted to learn more. They're so smart. When I became a homemaker, I was so excited about finally having the … Continue reading Birdwatching – the perfect quarantine hobby